Workshop kaku

Rediscover writing fun

"Workshop to discover that writing calligraphy= fun "

kaku is a hands-on type space operated by the calligraphy specialty store "Shoyu", where you can enjoy the experience of writing calligraphy.
In recent years, there has been a focus on writing calligraphy as a method to relax mind, leading to activation of the brain.
Now that many things have become digitized, and it has become less common to write in daily life, please rediscover the pleasure of writing calligraphy with kaku.
You will definitely be able to rediscover the importance of writing.

Writing and creating workshop

"Memorable workshop at your travel destination"

If the workshop ended with just writing, it would be somewhat unsatisfying and you may forget the enjoyable experience.
In kaku, you can transfer the characters that you have written to whatever you like.
Transfer products are under development mainly for everyday items such as T-shirts and tote bags.

Transfer products are speedily created during the workshop.*
*Depending on the number of people, numbered tickets may be used to distribute the products.

You can transfer the letters and pictures you wrote to T - shirts.
You can also make stylish tote bags
Making things with ink and brush will be memories of the trip.
Coasters made with Japanese paper. It is a fun workshop to make.


kaku plan list

Workshop in which "writing" leads to "creating" *

In order to make writing calligraphy more fun in calligraphy space "kaku", we have developed workshops that allow guests to write and create.
You can also experience calligraphy styles that cannot usually be experienced, you can also try various kinds of brushes, ink sticks, and liquid inks.
We are looking forward to preparing plans that many customers will enjoy such as people who are interested in calligraphy as well as people who want to enjoy Japanese culture.

*Depending on the plan, there may be some things that cannot be created.

Calligraphy experience in Nara plan

Plan.Calligraphy experience -hudemoji- + making goods

Writing calligraphy in Nara, which has a deep relationship with calligraphy

"It is okay to write freely, even if you are learning the basics from a professional.
It is a plan in which you can enjoy calligraphy with confidence even if it is your first experience."

The "calligraphy experience in Nara" plan is a calligraphy workshop that you can enjoy with people who have never used a brush and people who have not used a brush for a long time.
This plan, which is implemented using brushes and ink made in Nara, is a recommended plan for persons who want to fully enjoy Nara.
You can come into contact with traditional Japanese culture using words concerning Nara and your favorite four-character Chinese idioms while looking at the models created by a professional.

It is a workshop in which you can also create t-shirts and tote bags with characters that you have written.*
*One item can be made for free. After 2 items, fee will be charged.

Target age: 3 years and over

Approximate time required: 60 minutes

Number of reservations: 1 to 5 people

¥3,800(Tax included)
Children (younger than 12 years) are half-price

The instructor is licensed as a calligraphy instructor and has more than 20 years experience performing calligraphy.
You can learn the meaning of writing kanji (Chinese characters) and write while feeling Japanese culture.
You can make various things from the works that you wrote.

Photos of the plan

The workshop starts with the experience of rubbing Nara ink.
The smell of ink leads to relaxation.
You can enjoy the different shades of ink and try writing simple letters and shapes.
Using various topics, you can enjoy calligraphy with freely.
You can also create original products.*
*There is a separate product fee for the original products.


Notice concerning events

Schedule for this month

There are no events scheduled for this month.


Workshop Q and A


Question list

" We have collected frequently asked questions about the workshop. "


What kind of clothes should I wear?


Although there are no set rules regarding fashion, please bring clothes that you do not mind becoming dirty. (The ink may splash onto your white clothes)
If you are wearing white clothes, please wear a raincoat, etc. that can be bought at a 100 yen shop.


Is it possible to have the created works delivered?


Only delivery within Japan is possible. A shipping fee will be charged separately.


Is it possible to experience the workshop without making a reservation?


Reservations for this workshop are on a first come, first served basis.
Reservations are accepted 7 days in advance of the workshop.

Click here for reservation form (terms of service)»


Workshop terms

Terms of service

-Application to participate in workshop-

If you wish to participate in the workshop, please fill out the necessary items on the form on this website.
Click here for reservation form (terms of service)

The reservation acceptance period is from "3 hours after the event on day" to "7 days later".

-Regarding the application for workshop participation and number of applicants-

When you make a reservation and your participation is accepted, it is possible to participate in the workshop.
The maximum number of students that can be reserved for one workshop is 10 people. (Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis)

-Participation fee/settlement method-

Please pay the participation fee in cash or by credit card on the day of the workshop based on the participation fee listed by our company on this site and notified to you via email.

-Change/cancel application-

Cancellations are accepted on the day of the even up to 3 hours before the start time.
In the case of change of the participation schedule, please reserve again at the desired date after cancelling the original reservation.

-Handling of personal information/registration information-

Personal information is used for confirmation of participants at the time of participating in the workshop and is used for the reservation system.
We do not provide obtained personal information to third parties except as stipulated by laws and ordinances.

-Indemnity and compensation for damages-

Please note that we cannot be held liable for theft, loss, human accident, etc. due to use.
In the case of damages caused by a user (participant/related party), we will request compensation from said user.
The company and lecturer, etc. assumes no responsibility if your clothes/belongings become dirty.

-Compliance rules and matters to be confirmed-

・Follow the instructions of our company and lecturers, etc., and do not perform acts/behavior, etc. that will cause annoyance to other participants.
・Based on the premise that there are individual differences in understanding the content of the course, the Company and lecturers assume no responsibility in the case there is a part of the contents that could not be understood or are difficult to understand.
・Our company and lecturers, etc. assume no responsibility regarding the completeness, usefulness, accuracy, future results, etc. regarding the participation and deliverables of the workshop
・The workshop will start on time so please do not be late. The workshop fee will not be reduced even if you are late.

-Cancellation/suspension of workshop-

・When unavoidable due to operations, we will cancel/suspend the operation of the workshop without prior notice to participants.
・If the workshop is difficult to operate due to natural disaster, even if reservations are made, the workshop may be canceled or suspended.

-Changes to the terms of agreement-

If it becomes necessary to change the terms of agreement, we can change all or part of the terms of agreement.
The changed terms of agreement will be effective from the time they are posted on the website and will be applied to the students thereafter.

Established on November 1, 2018


Nihonseiboku Shoyu


"Workshop sponsored by a historic calligraphy company
that has been engaged in black ink productionsince the Meiji period"

Nihon Seiboku Co., Ltd., was founded as an ink manufacturing business during the middle of the Meiji period by Goro Sakakura under the name of Sakakura Bunshodo.
From the merger with Takesabei, the company started as Nihon Seiboku Co., Ltd. founded as a black ink maker in Nara City Imazushi-cho, and has been involved in calligraphy culture since the Edo era.
It is our hope that "calligraphy writing" culture will continue long into the future, and we hope to continue contributing to this culture.
We will contribute to the cultural development of Japanese traditional calligraphy arts by improving/advancing calligraphy culture through sales, production, and product planning.

Company name

Nihon Seiboku Co., Ltd.v


37 Imazushi-cho, Nara-shi


June 27, 1933

Description of business

Planning/manufacturing/wholesaling/retailing/export of the four treasures of calligraphy

Number of employees

87 employees (as of October 2017)

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